08 Wednesday July 2020
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Laryngitis, Tracheitis and bronchitis

Definition and Epidemiology:  
•    Inflammation of larynx, trachea and bronchi. 

•    Cause by sudden exposure to cold, inhalation of irritant gases or extension of infection.

Clinical symptoms:
Acute form:
•    Nasal discharge, dry painful cough , moist later, increase in pulse, respiration and temperature.
Chronic form:
•    Same but longer time, severe non painful cough, normal temperature. 

Treatment and prevention:
Line of Treatment and prevention:
•    Antibiotic according to cause e.g. Sulfamethazine, trimethoprim (Sulfamethoxazole), Procaine penicillin amoxicillin (oral or injectable).
•    Anti-inflammatory e.g.  Dexamethasone.
•    Mucolytic.