21 Sunday July 2019
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Poisonous to Pets

Poisonous to Pets

Poisonous to Pets: Introduction to the poisons that are common dangers to our pets. A few comments about Garbagitis, Food Poisoning, the dangers of household cleaners, Lead, and Zinc. Also the danger of overheated Teflon. And Links to our pages about rat poison, pesticide poisoning, poisonous pl

Treatment of Chronic...

Drugs Used in Treatment of Chronic Colitis Monogastric

Drugs Used in Treatment of Chronic Colitis (Monogastric): The specific cause of chronic colitis in animals is frequently unknown; therefore, it is difficult to prescribe a specific treatment for the underlying disorder. The goal of colitis therapy is to restore normal intestinal motility and to

Overview of Colic in...

Overview of Colic in Horses

Overview of Colic in Horses: In its strictest definition, the term “colic” means abdominal pain. Over the years, it has become a broad term for a variety of conditions that cause a horse to exhibit clinical signs of abdominal pain. Consequently, it is used to refer to conditions of widely va

Overview of Wound Ma...

Overview of Wound Management

Overview of Wound Management: Wound healing is the restoration of the normal anatomic continuity to a disrupted area of tissue. An understanding of the normal process of wound healing is essential to make sound decisions in the management of wounds. Correctly using the principles of wound mana

Urolithiasis in Larg...

Urolithiasis in Large Animals

Urolithiasis in Large Animals:           Urolithiasis in Ruminants: Uroliths in cattle, sheep, and goats are common. Although uroliths can be found anywhere within the urinary tract, urethroliths are responsible for most clinical problems. Obstruction induced by ur