21 Sunday July 2019
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Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel


1- Rectal Prolapse: This condition most commonly occure in male breeding camels during rut (breeding season), it may be due to back pressure during the act of covering. In the initial stage the prolapsed portion reduced itself when the animal standsup. But repeated covering act cause oedema and trauma for rectum and permanent prolapse. other causes are severe constipation or diarrhea, and in few cases tumours of rectum.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel

2- Long standing or chronic prolapse causes necrosis. Such condition requires amputation of rectum.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel2

3- Surgery can be done in sitting position with slight sedation by xylazine and epidural anaesthesia using 2% lignocaine hydrochloride(20-30 ml).

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel3

4- By inserting the hand in lumen of prolapsed rectum seriese of horizontal mattress sutures are placed 360 degrees around the circumference of the bowel using chromic catgut no.2.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel4

5- The cut ends of sutures are kept longer to keep the traction for avoiding retrection of cut end of rectal wall after amputation.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel5

6- Prolapsed portion is amputed approximatly 3 cm distal to suture line.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel6

7- Amputed portion of rectum.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel7

8- Cut edges (mucosal layer) of bowel are apposed with simple continious sutures than long ends of matress sutures are cut short and the sutured segment is allowed to retrect in.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel8

9- Purse string suture could be applied for final touch. such animal should not be used for breeding at least 1 month. Animal should kept on small quantity of food. Some times manual evacuation of rectum is required during postoperative period.

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel9