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Zoonotic Diseases List


    Zoonotic Diseases The table in this chapter lists zoonotic bacterial, viral, fungal, and parasitic diseases, grouped by category. Many proven zoonoses, including some diseases that are rare in humans, organisms that are maintained primarily in humans, some primate diseas

Rectal Prolapse in S...

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel

Rectal Prolapse in Shecamel   1- Rectal Prolapse: This condition most commonly occure in male breeding camels during rut (breeding season), it may be due to back pressure during the act of covering. In the initial stage the prolapsed portion reduced itself when the animal standsup. But repeat

Mastitis in Cattle...

Mastitis in Cattle

Mastitis in Cattle Definition and Epidemiology: Mastitis is inflammation of the mammary gland and is mostlydue to infection by bacterial or mycotic pathogens causing abnormal milk, changes in the udder. Types of Mastitis are Subclinical, Clinical, Severe and Gangrenous mastitis. Etiology:

Pregnancy Toxaemia i...

Pregnancy Toxaemia in Cattle

Pregnancy Toxaemia in Cattle Definition and Epidemiology: Pregnancy Toxaemia (also known as fatty liver syndrome) is a form of ketosis, is the result of fetal carbohydrate or energy demand exceeding maternal supply during the last trimester of pregnancy. A disease that occurs when the breakdo

Caesarian Section in...

Prior scrubbing with antiseptic.

Cutting of muscles layer. Exposure of peritoneal adipose layer. Dissection through adipose layer. Cutting of peritoneum. Bringing out the left uterine horn. Left uterine horn is grasped over a fetal extremity and brought to the operative site. Incision is given over the g

Overview of Rift Val...

Overview of Rift Valley Fever

Overview of Rift Valley Fever:       Rift Valley fever (RVF) is a peracute or acute zoonotic disease of domestic ruminants in Africa, Madagascar, and the Arabian Peninsula. Signs of the disease tend to be nonspecific, rendering it difficult to recognize individual cas