21 Sunday July 2019
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Overview of Diaphragmatic Hernia:

Overview of Diaphragmatic Hernia

  Overview of Diaphragmatic Hernia: A break in the continuity of the diaphragm allows protrusion of abdominal viscera into the thorax. Etiology: In small animals, automobile-related trauma is a common cause of diaphragmatic hernia, although congenital defects of the diaphragm may also res

Ringworm Or Dermatop...

Ringworm or Dermatophytosis

Ringworm Or Dermatophytosis         Introduction: Ringworm is the common name of a fungal disease .. not a worm. The medical name for this fungal skin disease is Dermatophytosis. There are many different types of Dermatophytes. Microsporum canis is the name o

Blood Diseases in Do...

Blood Diseases in Dogs Cats and other Pets

                    Introduction of Anemia:   The word anemia means lack of blood.  And of course, without enough blood to carry oxygen and nutrients around the body, your pet will, at the very least, feel weak, lousy, and d

Castration of Dogs a...

Castration of Dogs and Cats

Castration of Dogs and Cats       What: Also known as Neutering. Also known as Brain Surgery. This surgery removes the testicles from the scrotum, there-by removing the major source of testosterone as well as the ability to make sperm. When: Shelters frequently castra

Treatment of Cuts, I...

About the Treatment of Cuts Injuries Wounds and Abscesses in Dogs Cats and Other Pets

                General Introduction and Comments: Vocabulary Help:   Fistulated Tissue: Fistulation normally means a hole or tunnel in the body, but I am using the term to indicate the fibrous, reactive, spongy tissue changes under the ski

C-Sections of Dogs a...


C-Sections of Dogs and Cats What: C Sections ... also known as a Ceasarean ... is where we surgically remove babies from the uterus. Usually because the momma dog or cat is having trouble with a normal delivery. When: usually at 2am.  We, of course, do the surgery when ever it needs to