21 Sunday July 2019
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Al Magheedh




*** The season starts in March & finishes by the end of September. During this period, falcons are not able to hunt in hot regions such as Arabian Peninsula and the Arabian Gulf, since quarry such as Houbara are not available in these areas during the summer.

*** Falcons need to moult all of their feathers before resuming hunting.

Al Magheedh (moulting chamber) is the room where the falcons are kept in during the season of al Qaidh. The rooms differ according to the shape and the equipment, since furnishing the room depends on the falconer and his financial ability, and the number of falcons moulting.

**** The room is mostly similar to a wooden hut & sometimes it is built from palm leaves, steel sheets or pre-fabricated rooms.

*** It is filled with soft sand, iron stalls , Al Sabbouq, al Wakr (made of hard stone, cement blocks or sand bags for each falcon.

Often, these rooms are well equipped and built of cement blocks with windows & air conditions. They are considered to be the typical rooms for keeping falcons. Water is provided in clay pots. Falcons are fed once a day while in moulting.

*** Some falconers feed their falcons a variety of meat. Some feed pigeons since they are available most of the time or alternatively quail.

Other falconers do their best to hunt small wild birds, reptiles such as jerboa to feed their falcons.

*** Most of the time, free falcons start to moult by the beginning or in the middle of March. They start shedding each feather from the middle. time, usually falcons moult two feathers a time. It takes 3 to 8 weeks for a feather to grow.

*** In order for the feathers to grow well, the falconers feed Their birds many kind of foods For healthy and fast-growing feathers, most falconers use different kinds of Nutritional Supplement that help accelerate feather growth such as Amino Acids and vitamins that assist the body during the moulting season.