21 Sunday July 2019
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Saker Falcon (Al Hurr):

Al AdhamThe white Al HurrThe red Al HurrThe blonde Al Hurr   


Al Hurr refers to a group of types that have common characteristics, but vary in their habitats.

The white Al Hurr is a significant type of falcon referring to its beauty & good-looking. Al Hurr is well-known for its patience & tolerance. It is a very calm type of falcons. It is characterized with short tail, wide wingspread, and big head.

Arabs prefer Al Hurr because it is more able to cope with the stress, brave, patient hunter with keen eyesight, takes naturally to Houbara, its primary quarry. It preys on Stone Curlew (Karawan), Hare (Arnab), and (Houbara) Bustard. Al Hurr species The white Al Hurr, The red Al Hurr, The blonde Al Hurr, Al Adham.

Barbary Falcon (Al Wakara):

Barbary Falcon Al Wakara

It is smaller than Al Hurr, and distinguished with its small beak, small-size, fast, and the ability to maneuvering through the air. It is the most suitable for beginner falconers because of its lower prices than Al Hurr & Shahin.

Gyr Falcon (Al Jeer):

Gyr Falcon Al Jeer

It is the biggest among the falcons, since its size reaches around 35cm. from the beak to the tail. The male Jeer weights around (1000 g), while the average among this type is between 1500g to 1700g.

They look like Al Hurr; however, it looks huger. It has short wings compared to its long body. No other bird can exceed its speed, which reaches 20km/h in chasing.

It is distinguished with its wide chest, short wings and tail, wide & huge bottom, big talons, exserted eyebrows.

There are three colors; white, dark grey, & black. The white one lives in the heights. The dark grey one lives in the southern areas. Its chicks have white chest, black dotted back.

When it becomes one year, the white Grey, starts to replace its feather to a pure one without any black color. In the case of the black Grey, there is no noticed difference between the young and the old Gyr.

Peregrine Falcon (Shahin):

Peregrine Falcon Shahin

It is very tender & tolerates exhaustion less than Al Hurr. It is the fastest among the carnivorous falcons in chasing prey in short distances, the best in maneuvering through the air & the most skilled in following the prey & venturing to the falcons.

It is smaller than Al Hurr. They are called according to their colors: the red Shahin, Al Bahri Shahin, & Al Jabali Shahin. Al Bahri Shahin is the most preferred by the Gulf people especially UAE & Qatari people for its beauty, white colored chest, and the big size.

The length of the pure Al Bahri is more than 15”, but Al Jabali Shahin surpasses Al Bahri in length & width. Al Jabali’s color is redish or grey.