Al Burqa:

A soft painted leather hood placed over the head of the falcon and gathered together at the back with the leather traces, with a little hole used for the beak.



Al Mangalah:

It is similar to the glove, which the trainer wears in his hand to be protected from the sharp talons of the falcon. It is made of thick cloth, filled with jute or soft cloth, and covered with velvet. It has two holes of leather to allow the falconer to feed and catch the falcon.



Al Sabbuq:

A thick strap, made of strong cued soft plastic, used to tie the leg of a hawk to its leash (Al Wakr or al Mangalah).



Al Wakr:

It is a cylindrical stick, made of iron, has a painted wooden piece in the middle, filled with soft hay , and covered with velvet or soft leather, but now a day they also use Astro turf to let the falcon rest for long time.

It could be fixed to the ground easily. It is made with different length: long, medium and short, depending on the falconer, the falcon’s size and the nature of the ground.




A coat made of leather, to protect the falconer from the falcon’s talons.


Al Telwah:

A pair of dried Houbara wings sewn together with which the bird is called to get its bait. This process is used for training the falcon on hawking.



Al Mukhallah:

A bag of cloth made of cotton, used by the falconer to carry all the hawking tools. The falconer can control and tie the straps of the bag to the suitable length.

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