21 Sunday July 2019
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This Website attempts to make my collected experiences and the most recent information from the literature available to all who care about veterinary Medicine. It will be very useful for all veterinarians , biologists, raptor breeders or falconers , public officials, government veterinarians or customs officials.

Website include all veterinary medicine specialties like Infectious Disease, non Infectious Diseases, Internal medicine, Animal surgeries, Zoonoses, Birds of Prey, Meat inspection, Food safety, emergency medicine & critical care, clinical pathology. Poultry Diseases, Animal management & Nutrition ,Generalized condition , parasitic Disease , Disease of Respiratory System , Diseases of Reproductive System , Animal Behavior and Urinary System Diseases in all animal species.


I have avoided the use of excessively technical language to make it very easy to be understand easily


This website was intended to be purely a veterinary medical website covering the Animals diseases


Interested lay people will certainly find the extensive collection of color photos helpful. Professionals will also benefit from the tables and from the diagnostic and therapeutic recommendations, as well as from the up-to-date &from the important text books shared in our website.


The main objective of this Website is to rationalize treatment of animal diseases, utilization of drugs properly, protecting the public from exposure to unnecessary drug residues, rational use of therapeutics could be achieved through proper diagnosis of animal diseases by clinical examinations and confirmed by appropriate laboratory procedures, finally selecting appropriate therapeutic.


This website for all veterinarians to exchange experiences in all fields related to veterinary medicine. In this website you will find links for important veterinary books, discussion in any problem related to field.


It describes all treatment's aspects of common diseases, and provides a brief information about common diseases affecting food producing animals (cattle, sheep, goat, camel and poultry)and also birds of prey ( especially falcons ).


Each section consists of a short definition of the disease, common clinical symptoms, diagnosis, medicinal treatment and prevention.


Website include materials from many scientific sources, literature and our practical experience. Our website language is simple and expected to pose no problems to the readers.


Since there are no sufficient data on camel diseases, a review of camel diseases is included, so clinicians could be able to refer to it.


The website will be updated through inclusion of additional information regarding diseases every year , in addition to many sections about drug side effects, contraindications, drug interactions, drug formulations and withdrawal periods.


In my ten years as a veterinarian. I have enjoyed the trust of many colleagues who have given their valuable animals to my care. During these years of service, I Was fortunate to learn a great deal from my colleagues and from experienced breeders. My thanks to all of them for their time and patience during our long hours of discussion.


I would be pleased if this Website would contribute to uniting us in our common goal of preserving and protecting Animals & human life


I thank At first my Manager: Mr. Sari Al Mansoori (western region veterinary services manager in ADFCA) for his continued encouragement for me to accomplish this huge project.


Thanks also to all those who have made this Website possible & who have shared so much of their knowledge and experience.